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USA Girl Scouts Overseas - Kuwait

Patches, Pins and other items produced by USAGSO - Kuwait

These are old items and no longer available for purchase nor trade, even in Kuwait. If you are interested in volunteering to help create new ones for Kuwait, please contact the OCC.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures of the items.

    Kuwait LTC Pin
    Nice, brass and enamel pin
    (picture doesn't do it justice!)
    Actual size = 3/4" across

Kuwait wall calendars, created 1999-2004
Actual size = 11 3/8" wide x 8 3/8" tall


We've had to remove our offer to sell patches and pins at this time due to GSUSA's "no internet sales policy."


Nobody in Kuwait is trading at this time.

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For more information or to join please contact:

Chairman, USA Girl Scouts Overseas - Kuwait

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