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USA Girl Scouts Overseas - Kuwait

OC Equipment for Loan



This equipment is stored xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Some items are marked, "OC" and can only be used by the OC members and not checked out by Troop leaders. If there is a price listed in the price column, then this is the cost to check out the item. All other prices (prices in parentheses) are charges the troop incurs if items are lost/replaced and/or damaged.

If you are a Kuwait Girl Scout leader you can check on availability of items and can arrange to pick up items for checkout by emailing

In the future, we plan to have a check out form available for emailing but at the present time you must compose your own email message.

USAGSO - Kuwait    
Equipment for Loan    
Propane fuel, Medina 1.500KD 4
Candles Small OC 12
Dowels, small OC 7
Fire Logs OC 4
Flamingo Lights OC 1
Tray, Small plastic OC 60
Blue Ice (1.250 KD/ea.)   6
Buckets and Tubs, Metal Fire Bucket   4
Buckets and Tubs, Plastic Tubs, Large   3
Buckets and Tubs, Plastic Tubs, Medium, blue   2
Burlap Bags   2
Cooking Mitt   1
Coolers, 2 gal. Rubbermaid Jugs (4.990 KD/ea)   2
Coolers, Coleman (12.900 KD/ea)-1blue/1red   2
Coolers, Rubbermaid Jugs (4.880 KD/ea)   1
Flash Lights (3.250 KD/ea)   9
Grill, Keg-O-Grill(15.500)   2
Grill, Weber Grills (10.990 KD/ea.)   2
Instructional, Compasses (2.900 KD/ea)   10
Instructional, Paper Knives for Practice Use   30
Instructional, Ropes/Knot Tying Directions   19
Lanterns, Coleman (1.100 KD /ea)   2
Lanterns, Mantle (10.250 KD/ea.)   2
Plastic cups/utensils/bowls/paper plates    
Pot, Coffee Pot   1
Sponges   2
Tent, New Bag Tent (36.990 KD/ea)   1
Tent, New Cabin for 4 (48.400 KD/ea)   1
Tent, New Dome Tent (14.800 KD/ea)   1
Tents in Army Green Bags   2
Tents in Small Army Green Bags   2
Tents in Small Green/Blk Bags   1
Tents in Tall Green/Blk Bags   4
Trays, Serving - Metal & Plastic   5
Utensil, Can Opener   1
Utensil, Knives   4
Utensil, Skewers    
Utensil, Tongs   1
Bag of GS Balloons OC 30
GS Whistles and Lanyard-Metal($8.00/ea.) OC 10
Asst. Silk Flowers   Many
Clay Pots w/flowers   2
glass bottles-"flower vases"   50
Large Flags GS/USA/KUWAIT   3
Large Mirror    
Sm. Flags USA/KUWAIT   2
Small American Flags/Kuwait Flags   50/24
Small Plastic Pots   2
White Gloves in pairs   2
World Trefoil Crest poster   1
Bingo Game   1
Koosh Paddles-No Balls   2

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